In Pursuit of the Perfect Hamantaschen

Every year I have to re-re-reinvent the wheel when it comes to the Perfect Hamantaschen.

No more looking for that recipe that worked! I am now on a quest to document my efforts so that the tradition of searching like crazy through my recipe printouts, marked with little comments in pencil, floating around, waiting to be filed in three different locations in the house is over once and for all.

I remember that I have used the recipe on the back of  Solo filling cans, and as a butter purist I had slightly above average results with that dough. But it was not perfect.

So here we go again.  I am waiting for the butter dough I found on Tori Avey’s site to chill.

Naturally I made some modifications. I didn’t have oranges in the house (shocking), so I used a little bit of fresh lemon zest and a spoon of orange juice.

The dough that came out was really sticky.

I will post pictures of the results soon.