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10 January, 2011

Roots: Nehemia Simon Har-Peled

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Nehemia Simon Har-Peled (Hertzfeld), was born in Beilinson Hospital, in Petach Tikva, Israel on March 30, 1944. He is the only child of Lily Simon and Zalman Hertzfeld.

Right after he was born his mom took him to Kibutz Yagur (near Haifa), where his dad was a member. At the time Zalman, his fater, was a British soldier, and fought Nazi Germany. Growing up he loved hiking the Carmel  mountain.

He was a navy officer in the Israeli Defense Forces. He served for nine years and was a chief engineer on a Destroyer, named Misgav.

In 1969 he married Mazal Michal Harpaz, and had three children: Lily, Sariel & Misgav.

2011 update:
Nehemia lives in Tel Aviv (Ramat-Aviv). He maintains building central systems. He writes short stories, and has a blog where he posts some of them.

His motto is “take it easy even when life is a drag”.

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