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13 January, 2011

Roots: “Lily” Maria Martha Elizabeth Hertzfeld

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Maria Martha Elizabeth, nicknamed “Lily” (1902 Paris, France 1902 – 1955  Kibutz Yagur, Israel).

She was the daughter of: Pauline Terquem and Louis Simon.

She married Zalman Hertzfeld, and Nehemia Simon Har-Peled (Hertzfeld) is their only son.

She studied Early Childhood Special Education, and was the first Supervisor of the  City of Paris Preschools .

She liked to say “often kids are remarkably smarter than adults realize, and often adults are not as smart as they think, but as long as the adults are in charge, the kids must listen and obey them


Lily had five brothers and one sister.

Alfred Louis Joseph (1895-1917), her eldest brother, served as a French soldier died during the First World War.  He was decorated the “Croix de Guerre” (cross of war)

Paul Edouard Samson (1897-1992), her second brother, much loved by Nehemia, was also a soldier during the First World War, was awarded a medal  for his courage when he saved his commander risking his own life. Twenty years later when French policemen came to deport him from France (during the Nazi occupation), he shown them the medal. They were embarrassed and left, and thus Paul’s family was spared.

Jacques Louis Joseph (1898-1983) was the third brother.

Pierre Antoine Olry (1901-1971), the fourth brother, was a mathematics teacher. During the Second World War was one of the scientists who broke the German code (the famous Enigma Machine), aiding the Allied Forces to defeat Nazi Germany. He was an eccentric, but very nice.

Elie Edouard, nicknamed Bouli (1906-1993) was the fifth borther

Antoinette, nicknamed Nenette (1907-2000), immigrated to Palestine (Israel) as well. She was a kind nice woman.