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14 January, 2011

Roots: Zalman Hertzfeld

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Zalman Hertzfeld ( 1911 Warsaw, Poland  – 1976 Hadera, Israel), was an only child.

His mom passed away when he was only 11.

He was married to Lily Simon, and their only child was Nehemia Har-Peled.

Zalman immigrated to Palestine (Israel) in 1939 after he had been waiting for a visa for over nine years. Eventually he immigrated illegally (Alia Bet), and for three years he lived in Palestine without an ID. The British Mandate granted him a visa only because he volunteered to serve in the British Army during Second World War.

He spoke several languages (He was fluent in Hebrew, English, French, German & Polish), and collected stamps from all over the world.

He lived in Kibbutz Yagur for twenty years where he was a farmer and a driver. When he left the kibbutz, he moved to Hadera where he taught driving.

His motto was: Those who don’t try, never make mistakes, but also never succeed.