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14 January, 2011

Roots: Interview with Ruth Avida

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Ruth Avida (1994, Jerusalem, Israel)

Where do you live? Omer (near Beer-Sheva) Israel

what is your job? a Judge

Did you have brothers/sisters? When and where were they born? Tell me

something interesting about them – I have one sister, her name is Ada she was also born in Jerusalem, she is three years younger than me . Ada has two children Michael also known as Mike, who right now lives in Thiland, and Yael who lives in Israel. The nice thing about Ada is that we were always very close , I guess because we were only two sisters and we shared one room until I married Saba

Do you remember anything from when you were 10? I remember walking one day back home from school with a friend of mine, her name was Judy, and telling her that now that I am ten I feel like a grown up and that my whole attitude to life has changed, I even remeber to this day where on our way home I told her that.
Also I remember that when I was ten there was very little food in Israel so people got the food from the stores only in exchange for food stamps. The food was far from being tasty, there was hardly any meat, eggs, cheese, chocolate fruits, I disliked the food, and therefore was a very bad eater. I am very happy that those difficult times are over.
Whats your advice for life? try to be healthy, good, honest,  study well, and be happy

Your mom

Full name first/middle/last Rika Levavi and before she was married her last name was Bodenhimer

Where and when was she born? in Manhiem Germany in the year 1915
Where and when did she die? Thank God she is alive

what was her job? she was a nurse

What year did she move to Israel? Where did she live? she came to Israel in 1933 when Hitler – who was against the Jews – became the head of the state of Germany and it was very dangerous for Jews to live there. When she came to Israel my mother – whom all the grand children call Oki – lived in Haifa.

Did she have brothers/sisters? When and where were they born? Tell me

something interesting about them – my mother had two brothers they were also born in Germany, they were younger than my mother but they are no longer alive. When they left Germany they changed their names to Rudy and Gad because they did not like their German names. Gad who is the younger brother was a very good flute player, he had a big collection of flutes and he loved making music, he also taught music. Rudy who was older than Gad worked in the Hotels business and was the head of a couple of great hotels.

What was her advice for life? I will ask her and write to you

your dad
Full name first/middle/last Lova Arieh Levavi – before he changed his name to Levavi ???? – which means in Hebrew my heart, his last name was Libmann

Where and when was he born? he was born in Viellna in Lithuania in the year 1912
Where and when did he die? he died in Jerusalem in 2009

what was his  job? he was a Diplomate, that is he worked in the Foriegn Office, the job of those who work there is to represent Israel in other countries

What year did he move to Israel? Where did he live? he moved to Israel in 1932 and lived in Jerusalem

Did he have brothers/sisters? When and where were they born? Tell me

something interesting about them – he had two brothers – one was 20 years older than him, his name was Nahom and he stayed in Russia, his other brother was called Fima, he was 13 years older than my father,  and he came to Israel, on the same ship and my mother, he lived most of his life in Tel-Aviv and he was for me not only an uncle but in a way also a grand father since my father’s parents died before I was born, and so Fima was the head of the family from my father’s side.

What was his advice for life? I do not know, he was a very very clever man and I would think that he had a lot of good advice to give.